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When you receive your decal, please remove it from the box and unroll it and lay it in a warm room for 24 hours before applying.

Measure and mark exactly where you would like your vinyl to go to ensure that your vinyl will be level (DO NOT USE THE BACKING PAPER OR APPLICATION TAPE TO LEVEL YOUR VINYL AS IT MAY NOT BE STRAIGHT. Only use the actual vinyl letters or artwork. Make sure the surface you are applying your vinyl to is completely clean and dry with no dust or soap residue. If you have recently painted, please allow 2-3 weeks for paint to completely dry and cure before applying vinyl.

After allowing decal to sit, please use a squeegee to firmly rub over the top layer, especially where the vinyl letters are, to make sure the top semi-transparent transfer tape sticks properly to the vinyl. You can also turn the vinyl face down and rub over the backing paper. (A credit card will also work if you do not have a squeegee.)

You may find it easier to turn your vinyl face down to peel the backing paper off (or you can use the hinge method as described below). Then carefully peel, BEND AND CREASE (if necessary) the backing paper off of the vinyl starting in one corner and peeling at an angle. Slowly peel, making sure the letters are adhered to the application tape and not to the backing paper. Bending and creasing the backing paper as you go helps the letters to come off the backing easier. Make sure not to touch the sticky part of vinyl with your fingers.

Remember to work slowly and carefully when applying. Thinner lettering may require extra time to apply. For larger designs, you might want to cut it into smaller parts and then apply one smaller part at a time. Please see below for more instructions.

Please note: We highly recommend using a blow dryer to heat up the WALL AND THE VINYL as you are applying the decal. Especially if it is during the colder times of year. Even if the room you are in is warm, the walls may still be too cold and the adhesive and the surface needs to be warm enough in order to stick.

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